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2024 School Donation - Whānau Contribution

Each year, the donations received by our school whānau make a huge difference in what we can offer our students/ākonga. The school donation is voluntary, so thank you again to those who contributed last year, we are very grateful for your continued support.

Schools' operational needs are primarily funded by the Ministry of Education but that only covers the very basics such as teacher salaries, property maintenance and administrative resources.  Plimmerton School’s curriculum budget is prepared based on providing the best possible education outcomes for our ākonga.  

The reality for all schools is that we cannot do this without your help.  

Each year your donation/whānau contribution is spent on curriculum resources such as art equipment, physical education gear, playground maintenance, additional reading and maths books, Learning Assistants and digital equipment, all of which are used in the day-to-day education of your tamariki.  The whānau contribution is an essential part of ensuring that we resource our school adequately.  

2024 Whānau Contributions 

Our Board of Trustees has not increased the level of the contribution requested for each student for several years.  This year, our budget set a target of $25,000 to be raised through whānau contributions to support the school's fundraising for a replacement sunshade for the much loved junior sand-pit and two new vibrant all-seasons playground areas outside the school pool, to replace the grass that becomes unusable during the winter months.  

This year we will be loading the whānau contribution onto Hero accounts to provide you with the convenience of paying off the amount throughout the year, via the various payment methods listed below.  

The whānau contribution is voluntary, any remaining unpaid portion in your Hero account at the end of Term 3, 27th September 2024, will be recorded as ‘no payment provided’ and will be removed from your account.

At any stage up until the 27th September 2024 you can send an email to the school office to request that the whānau contribution in your Hero account be removed in part/or in full.

Whānau contributions for 2024 are as follows:

Number of Children at School

Total Contribution Per Whānau 

1 child


2 children


3 or more children


Once payment has been made a donation receipt can be downloaded directly from your Hero account.  You are able to claim 33.33 cents for every dollar donated, for more information please visit the IRD website. 

Whānau Contribution Payment Options

The contribution amount, as it relates to the number of children you have at school, will be added to your eldest child’s account.  Payments, in part or in full, will be applied to your Hero account as they are received so you can keep track of the contributions you have made.

There is a range of payment options to make it as easy as possible to balance your finances.  


What this looks like

Payment Methods

Payment Due Dates

Payment in full

One-off payment in Term 1

  • HERO (directly via the app/desktop)

  • Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card at the office     

  • Online payment to school bank account

12th April 2024

Payments per term

3 Payments, 1 per Term starting in Term 1 and ending in Term 3

  • Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card at the office     

  • Online payment to school bank account

Payments due 12th April, 5th July, 27th September 2024.

Regular payments

Regular weekly or fortnightly payments throughout the school year starting in Term 1

  • Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card at the office     

  • Online payment to school bank account

Weekly or fortnightly starting before 12th April 2024.

IMPORTANT - for all payments not made directly via HERO please ensure to provide your eldest child’s full name and DONATION as the reference.  If a reference is not provided payments may be applied to EOTC or other school activity fees on your Hero account.

School Bank Account

Account Name:        Plimmerton School Board of Trustees: 

Account Number:    12-3478-0062343-00.

Reference:          Please state your eldest child’s name and DONATION as the reference.

We know that the start of the school year can be an expensive time so we are happy to provide an alternative payment option if the above options are not right for you.  In this case please contact the school’s Executive Officer, Rebecca Smith via to arrange.

We appreciate your support.

Simon Pearce - Presiding Member 

Plimmerton School Board