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Will my child be required to share his/her Chromebook with other students?

There will be times when they will work with one or two other students on the same chromebook. There is huge learning benefits in students working collaboratively. We have clear guidelines about responsible use of devices. 

When students are working individually on a device they will use their own device or a school one - not one belonging to someone else.

Will my child’s Chromebook be covered by the school’s insurance?

No it won’t - this will need to be arranged through your own provider. Chromebooks purchased through Norrcom have insurance as an optional extra and a 3-year warranty.

What warranty will the Chromebook have

The Chromebooks have a standard one year warranty within the purchase price. There will be an option to purchase an extended 3 year warranty.

Will my child be able to use their Chromebook during break times?

No. They will be locked away at these times and for assemblies etc. We currently have a ‘no unsupervised access’ policy at school and this will continue with the BYOC initiative. We believe that it is important for students to have a break from their class learning, socialise with others and be active.

What about the use of pens and books? Will this continue?

We will continue to offer a balanced programme, which includes things like writing. This could be alternated between using the Chromebook and drafting a piece of writing in a book. It is likely that most maths work will be done in an exercise book. By having a Chromebook, children will be able to choose the best ‘tool’ for the job.

Is it compulsory for my child to have a Chromebook?

While we strongly advocate for individual ownership, you do not have to purchase. We understand families have many other financial commitments, so it is a voluntary initiative. Plimmerton BOT have always been committed to investing in ICT equipment and  all classes will have some devices for students to use.

Do I have to purchase through Norrcom?

No - but if you are purchasing elsewhere:

  • We recommend one of the models specified on the Norrcom Website (as these will have a 4 year google apps support period, and are considered reliable devices)

  • we may not be able to set up your child’s device until the beginning of the school year.

  • If you want the management console added, there will be a one off cost of $43 +gst

How do I insure my chromebook?

There is a very reasonable insurance policy offered by Norrcom, which lasts for three years.  this is approx. $60 + gst. We recommend that you check your existing household policy to see if the device would be covered. In many cases devices taken outside the home are not covered by contents insurance.

Do I have to purchase the management console?

No, but we are recommending this - to help you with this choice please follow this link.

What is research telling us about the positive effects of 1:1 devices in the classroom?

What research has told us is that devices can support personalised learning, student motivation, self management, engagement, collaboration, depth in learning, flexibility of learning - all factors that rate highly in John Hattie's "Influences on student learning".

The following is a ministry report of the benefits of using digital technologies in innovative teaching environments.

Ministry of Education - Digital Technologies