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PO Box 57146
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04 233 8677
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General Information

Absences: We have an absence checking system. It is important if a child is going to be absent from school or late arriving that parents/caregivers either telephone and leave a message on our dedicated Absence Line 233-8677 Ext. 1 or send an e-mail to: before 9 am each morning. If an absence is reported as "unexplained" we will send you a txt or contact you on one of the numbers you have provided. It is important to keep the school office informed of any change of contact details. 

Accidents/Illness: Minor accidents are treated in the medical room by staff who have had First Aid training. In the event of a more serious accident or sickness, we will contact you on your emergency 'phone number. If unable to contact anyone, we will make the best possible decisions on your behalf. 

If your child has conditions requiring immediate treatment (medical problems, allergies, medication) please inform the school office in writing. 

After School Activities: Private providers run a range of activities after school using school grounds and facilities. The following activities are currently available: Swimming Lessons (Terms 1 & 4). Music Lessons (Recorder, Guitar, Violin), Hockey, Kelly Sports. 

After School Care: There is an After School Care facility at the school offering a quality service where pupils are supervised within an organised programme making use of school facilities. The service caters primarily for regular clients and accepts casual pupils when space is available. It operates from 3 to 6 pm, Monday to Friday during the school term. 

Assemblies: Whole School Assemblies are held regularly in the School Hall. We are proud of our school assemblies and parents are welcome to attend. Selected students organise and host assemblies. School singing and class or group presentations of items which reflect current classroom work are included in the programmes. A special feature is the presentation of Principal's Awards which are presented to children for achieving high standards of academic work, significant personal improvement or sporting ability and citizenship. 

Before School Care "Breakfast Club": There is a Before School Care facility at the school operating from 7.00 to 8.30 or 8.45 am (at parents request) Monday to Friday during the school terms. Breakfast is offered along with a range of quiet activities. 

Behavioural Guidelines: Plimmerton School has developed Responsibility Code to encourage students to care for themselves, others and the environment. 

Bicycles: If a bicycle is ridden to school parents are asked to ensure that their child can ride safely and that the bicycle is in a sound condition. It is a legal requirement that everyone riding a bike, must wear a safety helmet. Bicycles are to be walked up the school drive and should be securely locked into the bicycle stands. 

Board of Trustees: Meetings are usually held twice each term at 7.30 pm in the School Library. Parents/Caregivers are welcome to attend these meetings. Meeting dates are advertised in the School Newsletter. 

Breakage and Damage by Students: School Procedure policy includes guidelines with regard to the wilful or accidental damage to school property. Where appropriate, it is expected that when a student is responsible for damage through carelessness or breaking a school rule, a contribution be made to repair the damage. 

Bus: A school bus service runs to and from the school daily, taking in the wider Camborne area. Contact Metlink Service Centre 0800 801 700.

Cars: Parking is provided at the bottom of the school field. Parents are requested not to bring their cars up the driveway before 4.30pm on a school day unless they are collecting a sick or injured child. 

Civil Defence: If a Civil Emergency occurs, children will be kept at school until a known adult collects them. Regular fire and earthquake drills are held at school for all students. 

Class Trips: These are to enhance the school programme and parents are always advised of the nature and cost of the trip and permission sought. Every effort is made to keep costs to a minimum. Parent help is welcome on these occasions. 

Communication with the School: Communication between teachers and parents is encouraged. If parents have any matters they wish to discuss with a staff member, a message can be left with the school office for a teacher to contact them, or by telephoning before/after school or during breaks. E-mail is an effective communication and each teacher has a school e-mail address they check regularly. The standard format is first name and first initial of (e.g. Jill Symonds = The Principal is always happy to meet with parents and an appointment can be made by telephoning the school office. 

Donations/Activity Fee: Each family is asked to make a donation in the first term of the school year. This can be paid in instalments once a term if preferred. The donation is used to help purchase sports and playground equipment, computer software and hardware, library books, and classroom resources.

The PTA also has a donation system whereby parents can choose to make a donation per family rather than help organise fundraising events however, all families are expected to help with the School Gala. The PTA runs sausage sizzles/pizza on a Friday, 3 times each term where children can purchase a drink and sausage/pizza for lunch. 

Dress: Students must wear sunhats and sun block when outside, particularly in the summer months. We also encourage children to be suitably clothed for PE or sport - togs, trousers or shorts. It is important to wear sensible shoes. While students are attending classes in the Technology Centre they must wear shoes which cover the whole foot. 

Some children have pierced ears. Studs or sleepers should be worn at school to avoid accidents. 

Emergency Contact: Parents are asked to advise the school of any changes to contact telephone numbers and emergency contact numbers in case your child is unwell at school and needs to be sent home. 

Enrolment Scheme: Click here to view our Enrolment Scheme. 

Equity: Our school is committed to ensuring that all students irrespective of gender, race or religion receive equal and fair consideration and opportunity. 

Health: Health nurses visit the school regularly. Sight/hearing tests of all new entrants are conducted as well as any child referred by parents or teachers. If a child has any allergies or health conditions which may affect them at school, parents are asked to inform the child's teacher. 

Home Reading: Parent support for children especially in the first 2-3 years of schooling is of the utmost importance. All junior students and older less fluent readers are expected to take home-readers home most week nights. Please enquire from your child's classroom teacher for specific details of the system used in each particular room. 

Homework: The school has a procedural document on homework. Ask your child's class teacher for more details. 

Library: The school has a very good library which all students are encouraged to use. We try to instil into the pupils good library practice and ask parents for assistance with overdue books. 

Lost Property: We would appreciate all articles of clothing and belongings being named. Lost property is held in the Office foyer and you are welcome to come and look for clothing at any time during school hours. Watches/Jewellery are held in the school office. 

Newsletter: The school newsletter is produced every Thursday. It is designed to keep parents informed about the school and its activities. 

Out of Zone Pupils: Please refer to the Plimmerton School Enrolment Scheme and Map of the Plimmerton School Zone. 

Parent Help: Plimmerton School welcomes and depends on parent help at all levels in the school This can involve working with students in the classroom in Years 1 and 2, maintaining resources, accompanying students on trips or to sports events and/or providing transport, camps and tramps and parent reading tutoring. Please discuss how best you can help with your child's teacher. 

Social Skills Programme: Every fortnight the whole school focuses on a new Social Skill. After discussion and role play in class students will be encouraged to demonstrate the Social Skills in their work and play at school. 

Skating and Skateboards: Students may bring skates and skateboards to school but these may only be used on the Technology Centre drive during interval and lunchtime, helmets must be worn. 

Stationery: Complete stationery packs are available for purchase from the school office. Individual items can also be purchased from the office after the first week and throughout the year. 

Valuables: Kindly ensure that students do not bring valuable items ie expensive toys, jewellery etc. to school. The school cannot be held accountable for loss or damage and we do not carry general insurance for loss or damage to students' belongings. If it is necessary for students to bring money to school they should entrust this to the class teacher for safe keeping.