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Plimmerton School BYOC for 2019

Our vision at Plimmerton School is "to provide a learning environment that prepares children for life”. As part of that vision we are committed to developing our students’ digital competence that is a necessity for their future.

A learner-centred curriculum that includes 1:1 digital devices supports greater flexibility in learning pathways, empowering students to learn in a more personalised way with increased control over their own learning. This can help students engage more deeply in their learning, expand opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving, and lift their achievement.

At Plimmerton School we are moving towards greater integration of ICT across the curriculum allowing students to learn, create, share, and collaborate anywhere, at any time. This enables students to personalise their learning experience.

We will be continuing a BYOD strategy, similar to the one we have been operating since 2015, to ensure 1:1 access for our students. 



Last year we made significant changes to the School’s BYOD policy. These changes are designed to give more students access to the benefits of having their own device, provide the option for better security at school and home, and provide a better value option for parents. 

  • Chromebooks only (That’s why it is BYOC not BYOD) - The device option is restricted Chromebooks. Chromebooks are a robust device with a good battery life. They readily access the internet and the Google apps that are a key part of our digital learning platform. As they are internet based, they automatically update, and are less often affected by computer viruses and malware. As they use cloud-based storage, they are easy to reset and without loss of data. This makes them an easy device for students to manage, with minimal down time.

  • Year 5 to year 8 can bring their own chromebook - in past years bringing your own device has usually been restricted to Year 7 and 8s. By making this an option from Year 5 students have the benefit of up to 4 years of use of their own device. This also makes it better value for money for as the cost is spread over 4 years. 

  • Device purchase available through Norrcom - Previously, parents have purchased a wide range of devices from a wide range of suppliers. Many parents found it challenging to know what was the best device for their child. By offering purchase directly through Norrcom, we can ensure that you get great pricing, and we have some consistency of devices used in the school. There are also options for insurance and extended warranty. 

  • Improved management and security - We have a good level of oversight of student activity when in their school Google accounts, and excellent filtering of the internet when accessing from school. We recommend all BYOC chromebooks to have a Chrome management console. Chrome management console is available at no cost while your child is at Plimmerton School. Having the management console enables us to manage restrictions and settings on each device. In effect we will be able to control extensions and apps that can be installed on the devices, limit device access to Plimmerton School accounts and parents will be better able to monitor student use histories. We believe this will help us to keep our students more secure when online.  More information about the use of the management console can be found at this link.

Purchasing your BYO Chromebook 

The Norrcom purchasing portal is available by click this link. Note - the passcode for the portal is plim09. There are three devices that are robust, fit for purpose and good value. The current cost for the devices is between $338 and $355 excluding gst. There will also be options for:

  • Insurance

  • Extended 3 year warranty

  • Carry bag

  • The chrome management console

The deadline for Christmas orders is Thursday, 13th of December. Orders placed on or before this date will be ready for pick up from the school office no later than Tuesday, 18th of December (last day of term).

Orders placed after this date can be collected from the school office at the end of January - you will receive an email to confirm your device is ready for collection.

Your device will be connected to the school network as part of the purchase.